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How to use the command display all serial number on cisco ucs server ?

How to use the command display all serial number on cisco ucs server ?

Thank you !

ex : server/cpu/ram/hdd/adapter

server : UCSB-B200-M3 FCH153271DF

cpu : CPU E-5620 FCH153271DF

RAM : 4G FCH153271DF


Cisco Employee

How to use the command display all serial number on cisco ucs se


Only serial number of blades and adapters are requried when we want to replace these parts.

show server inventory

show server adapter



Hello Padmaour company bought

Hello Padma

our company bought 4 b-series blade chassis with blades as a bundle, and 224 memory DIMMs as "not in bundle" for these blades, and service contract of course. Now i m trying to tie these 224 DIMMs to my service contract with all equipment above. 

Problems i have:

1) Cisco takes account all DIMMs and blades where DIMMs are pluged in. This information you can see within service contract at your cisco account.

2) Cisco UCSM provide me only Vendor Serials, which cisco tac team can't use.

3) I cant stop the UCS System to plug out each memory and see the serials on it.

4) Need Advice – What command in UCS (for example “show inventory”)Have to I do to see DIMMs Serials cisco tac team need?

 Thank you.



I have had a similar problem

I have had a similar problem and I share your pain.  The support for serial numbers in UCS is not great.  What's worse is that the Cisco Customer Service Centre (CSCC) are absolutely clueless about UCS so they will close requests where you quote the vendor serial number, as being invalid, and then try to tell you that what you have quoted isn't a UCS component.

For example, I've been trying to get the serial numbers of my two CPUs updated for over 2 months with CSCC (due to a DOA RMA).  CSCC have no idea what to do and continually close cases relating to this request stating that the chassis serial number is right, ignoring that it's the CPU serial numbers which I keep asking for that need to be updated.  Compounding that, the CPU serial numbers aren't accessible in CIMC unless I dismantle the server and actually pull the CPUs out to examine them.

I just hope that I don't need to ever have a CPU replaced one day, as none of the serial numbers will match when it happens.

What would be really useful is if there was an enhancement request in Bug Toolkit to gather all the correct details in UCS, much like there is in IOS ("show inv") for routers and switches.


Cisco Employee

Hello,There are multiple ways


There are multiple ways to get the inventory report of all UCS servers ( XML API, powertool, call home inventory etc ) . 


TAC does not ask / requires serial number of DIMM or CPU when it needs to be replaced. 


I am not aware of procedure for updating the contract with additional parts. 

I need time to check the process. 

In the meantime, you can contact your Cisco sales engineer or customer service on assisting with updating your contract information.





My favorite CLI commands to

My favorite CLI commands to get inventory information are:

"sh Fabric-interconnect inventory expand"  Fabric Interconnect, Expansion Modules, Fans and PSUs

"sh chassis inventory expand"   Chassis, IOM, PSU's and Servers

"sh server inventory expand"      Servers and Adapters


Unfortunately those commands

Unfortunately those commands don't work on standalone UCS though :-(

"show server memory detail”  

"show server memory detail”    Memory


"TAC does not ask / requires

"TAC does not ask / requires serial number of DIMM or CPU when it needs to be replaced."

This is not true. I'm currently in the process of RMA'ing two CPUs and my TAC rep has sent me a form to fill out which includes "Serial Number of CPU".


what's the command for

what's the command for viewing the serial of the interconnect 6120?

Cisco Employee

Powershell: Get-UcsFiModule

  • Powershell: Get-UcsFiModule
  • UCSM CLI: #Scope fabric-interconnect a/b

  #Show inventory

  • UCSM NXOS#show mod

Powershell pulls info from both FIs in one command.




What is command for viewing

What is command for viewing the dimm module serial no 

Cisco Employee



Get-UcsMemoryUnit | Select UCS,DN,location,model,serial | Where {$_.model -notlike $null} | export-csv c:\dimminventory.csv

Get DIMM inventory & serials for specific blade (i.e. blade-6)

Get-UcsMemoryUnit | Where {$_.Dn -match "blade-6"} | Where {$_.model -notlike $null} | Select UCS,DN,location,model,serial | export-csv c:\blade6dimms.csv

UCSM CLI: show server memory detail



Re: What is command for viewing

Console into UCS Manager

# show server memory detail | grep "Vendor Serial (SN)"

*This will display all DIMM Serial Numbers installed on UCS

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