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UCS direct attach to NetApp in Flexpod


Hello Experts,

We have a new project  which is based on Flexpod design and needs a direct attach between the FI 6248  and NetAPP storage.(Without a Fabric Switch N5K or MDS)

We had concern if Cisco  has validated this design.Or else if there is CVD(Cisco Validated Design) based  on Direct attach of UCS with NetAPP storage.Also if there is/are any constraints  / limitations that must be considered in such a direct attach  design

Is there any document (CVD) by Cisco or NetApp which details the diagram/configuration steps and other relevant information for the direct attach between UCS FI and Netapp storage.

FYI: The architecture will be like this

2 FI6248

1 5108 Chassis

1 B200m2 and 1 b200m3 Blade

2 2104 IOM

No Fabric Switch between FI and NetApp storage.

An early response will be very much appreciated and a useful doc with details.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Deepak,

Although UCS supports direct-attached NetApp, FlexPod validated designs do not.


Thanks for ur reply Abhinav and Mathew,

Most probably I am going to deply this architecture in my lab.I had referre these docs but i didnt get the required configuration steps to apply for the direct storage.

Lets see if I will get some success.


Thanks Abhinav and Matthew,

Now Since UCSM 2.1 supports direct-attached NetApp.So to validate the architecture I updated by UCSM to 2.1.1a and now it should support a direct attach NetApp with UCS System.

I have conncted ports 31 and 32 of both FI (FC Stoarge Port with required SFPs) to my NetApp Device.But problem I am facing is,it says Link failure or not-connected and is in Orange Colour.Any idea where am I wrong?

I dont want to use FCoE Traffic or NFS between FI and NetApp.I want to use the FC traffic between UCS and NetApp.Is it possible and if yes How?


(nxos)# show interface fc 1/31

fc1/31 is down (Link failure or not-connected)

    Hardware is Fibre Channel, SFP is short wave laser w/o OFC (SN)

    Port WWN is 20:1f:54:7f:ee:a9:d9:40

    Admin port mode is F, trunk mode is off

    snmp link state traps are enabled

    Port vsan is 14

    Receive data field Size is 2112

    Beacon is turned off

    1 minute input rate 0 bits/sec, 0 bytes/sec, 0 frames/sec

    1 minute output rate 0 bits/sec, 0 bytes/sec, 0 frames/sec

      0 frames input, 0 bytes

        0 discards, 0 errors

        0 CRC,  0 unknown class

        0 too long, 0 too short

      0 frames output, 0 bytes

        0 discards, 0 errors

      0 input OLS, 0 LRR, 0 NOS, 0 loop inits

      0 output OLS, 0 LRR, 0 NOS, 0 loop inits

    last clearing of "show interface" counters never


Hi deepak,

What is the port type on the other side 9i.e. the NetApp side), its the FC port..correct?

did you check at the storage side if the port is configured and up?