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Field Notice 70545
Ron Baduach
Cisco Employee

UCSM failed login , not available on secondary node

Hi Guys , hope you are all fine .

I'm getting some error when trying to login to UCS Manager [see screenshot below]

I'm familiar with this error when the primary FI is down , but here , both FIs are up [pingable] .

Can someone please assist ? we can't access UCSM , and we really need it now ...

Thanks in advance !

Walter Dey

Hi Ron

UCSM is a application which runs on the primary FI ! if you connect the browser to the VIP, you are always directed to the primary. You cannot connect to the subordinate.

You can SSH (eg. putty) to both primary and subordinate.

Hi Walter , thanks for your reply .

I know that [i'm working with it 4 years :) ]

that's exactly the issue , that although it should take me to the primary node , like always , it gives me this error ....

Sorry Ron for this misunderstanding !

You are connecting to the VIP, and get this error message ? correct ?

Which UCS version ?

VIP ? you mean the "floating" address  ? if so , then Yes .

and that's what i'm getting .

version 2.2(5a)

Hi Ron.

Putty/SSH into your vip

#connect local-mgmt a|b

#show cluster extended

#show pmon state

See if the cluster output show either FI having issues, or if the pmon state shows any of the listed services as having been restarted.

If they do, you will likely want to open a TAC case to have this reviewed.



Thanks Kirk & Walter :

take a look on the output .

The DME has seen at least one restart.

What is the output for the B side?



Here is the output for B


You can attempt to access UCSM using the Virtual (Floating) IP address or the IP address of the Primary Fabric Interconnect. Are you able to access UCSM from the primary FI's IP address?


a is now primary; I would try to make b the primary, and check again.

connect local

cluster lead b

Hi Walter , I'll try it later , and will tell you what happened .

BTW - maybe restart FI-B will help ?

Hi Walter ,

I did "cluster lead b" , and not i'm able to login to UCSM !

what you think caused it ?

is it OK to stay like that ?... I prefer that A will be the primary ...


BTW - take a look what i'm seeing in UCSM [See the attached pictures]

thanks in advance !

Hi Ron

I hope you always tried to connect to the VIP IP address and/or the IP address of the master FI ?

In principle, it is totally irrelevant, which FI is master, which one is subordinate !

Regarding F999616 error, see

This tells me that UCS cannot get IP address for NTP server. So this could be that FQDN for NTP server is incorrect, DNS is not configured in or DNS server is not reachable.

btw. did you try http as well as https ? and different browsers ?


Hi Walter , i always connect UCSM via VIP .

The situation now is that B is the primary but i think that someone stuck ...

please see attached picture . [i did the "lead cluster B" about 1.5 hours ago...]

About the NTP/DNS - so how can i check/change it ?

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