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AS5400 as MGCP residential/trunk gateway

Level 1
Level 1

Can the AS5400HPX be used as an MGCP gateway to hand off FXS and E&M endpoints on DS0s over the  CT3 controller?

I have configured it as specified in:

When the endpoints are configured as FXS or E&M, I get the following errors:

    Oct 19 19:51:44.846: MGCP Packet received from>

    RQNT 16233737 S1/ds1-2/1@[] MGCP 1.0


    X: 1

    R: L/HD(N)


     Q: STEP

    T: L/HU,L/HD,L/HF,D/[0-9A-D#*T]


    Oct 19 19:51:44.846: mgcp_verify_supp_reqdet_ev: event not supported

     Oct 19 19:51:44.846: Following traceback is for INFO ONLY. -Traceback=  0x618C49EC 0x618EAE54 0x618AB758 0x618D00CC 0x618C6850 0x61886704  0x61887B30 0x6188A464 0x604E952C 0x604E9510

     Oct 19 19:51:44.850: MGCP Packet sent to>

    512 16233737 unsupported R: event

    Oct 19 19:56:48.769: MGCP Packet received from>

    RQNT 16301148 S1/ds1-2/1@[] MGCP 1.0


    X: 1

    R: DT/SUP(N),DT/RLC(N)

    S: DT/REL

    Q: STEP


    Oct 19 19:56:48.769: mgcp_verify_supp_reqdet_ev: event pkg not supported
     Oct 19 19:56:48.769: Following traceback is for INFO ONLY.  -Traceback= 0x618C49EC 0x618EAE54 0x618AB758 0x618D00CC 0x618C6850  0x61886704 0x61887B30 0x6188A464 0x604E952C 0x604E9510
    Oct 19 19:56:48.773: MGCP Packet sent to>
     518 16301148 unsupported R: event pkg
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Your debug shows "unsupported R: event pkg".

RQNT !--- This is the notification request (RQNT) message sent to the call !--- agent to report the observed event.

R: L/hu(N) 

!--- The call agent requests (R) to be notified (N) immediately 
!--- that an on-hook (hu) condition exists. 
What is your IOS? What is the installed mgcp packages?


If I'm reading it right, that should mean to use the line package and notify on off hook transitions. I would think having the line package in the capabilities would allow this to work, but its not.

It currently has c5400-js-mz.124-19.bin

The mgcp config is:


mgcp call-agent 2727 service-type mgcp version 1.0

mgcp restart-delay 10

mgcp package-capability dtmf-package

mgcp package-capability mf-package

mgcp package-capability line-package

mgcp package-capability rtp-package

mgcp package-capability nas-package

mgcp package-capability as-package

mgcp package-capability script-package

mgcp package-capability it-package

mgcp package-capability fm-package

mgcp default-package dt-package

no mgcp timer receive-rtcp

mgcp bind control source-interface FastEthernet0/0

mgcp bind media source-interface FastEthernet0/0

sh mgcp:

MGCP default package: dt-package

MGCP supported packages: gm-package dtmf-package mf-package trunk-package

                         line-package rtp-package nas-package as-package script-package

                         ms-package dt-package mo-package res-package it-package

                         mt-package fxr-package fm-package


AS shows:


R: L/HD(N)


512 16233737 unsupported R: event

mgcp error:


Unable to execute transaction because of gateway being unable to detect one of the requested events.

R: L/HD(N) is the requested event where L is the Line package, HD is Off-hook transition and (N) means Notify immediately.

In the second case AS shows:




518 16301148 unsupported R: event pkg

mgcp error:


Unsupported event package.

R: DT/SUP(N),DT/RLC(N) is the requested event where DT is the DTMF and Dial Pulse package

mgcp package-capability line-package and dt-package are loaded correctly

Can you try a different IOS? A recent T IP PLUS release like c5400-is-mz.124-15.Txx.bin?


Upgraded to 12.4(15)T16 ENTERPRISE PLUS and the problem persists.