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VoIP Testing with Cisco Devices

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Hi all,

I have a configuration in the lab right now with a non-Cisco device that can route VoIP calls.  Basically, I have two subnets such that in each subnet I have a non-Cisco device to route the phone call.  There are two phones (1 on each subnet).  The non-Cisco device act as a media gateway for the call.  Furthermore, this device can also interleave voice packets from multiple users into a single packet.  Doing so allows my system to save ALOT of bandwidth.  I am planning to do a similar test on Cisco devices (Call manager, IP phone, etc.).  So my question is, do Cisco devices have support to interleave voice packets from different users into a single packet to save bandwidth?  My company is currently performing this test to evaluate which product to be deployed on our current system.



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paolo bevilacqua
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RTP multiplex is supported with recent IOS.

Also supported on the MX8800, that is a big WAN switch.

Thanks for the reply Paolo.

Quick questions - Does the MX8800 require a Call Manager for SCCP call establishment?  Does it require a gateway for PSTN?  Also, could you briefly describe what RTP multiplexing is?


The MGX is exclusively a service provider device, not used by Enterprise customers.

RTP multiplexing, as the name says, puts media from multiple media flows inside one same packet.