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Bug in the latest spa3XX-5XXG phone firmware 7.5.6 - Can not transfer anonymous calls

william Jin
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Hi support,

I just found a bug in the latest phone firmware 7.5.6.


Linux Debian Wheezy

Asterisk 11.7

FreePBX 2.11

Affected Cisco phone model: SPA504G and SPA514G(I only tested these two models)

The issue is when there is an incoming call with anonymous caller id, after picking up the call, the xfer and bxfer softkeys are missing. On the first page, only conf softkey(3rd place out of four softkeys). After pressing the right arrow, it's redial, dir, blank(used to be bxfer) and dnd.

TS has been done.

Tested with other phones brand, yealink, snom and mitel, all working.

Tested with firmware 7.5.5b, all working.

Tested with latest firmware 7.5.6, xfer and bxfer softkeys are missing.

I read the firmware upgrade note of 7.5.6 and found below:

CSCuh25063 The SPA5x5 phone has the ability to hide Xfer/Bxfer softKeys after initial network configuration.

Maybe it's related? pure guess. Does that mean we should have the ability to un-hide Xfer/Bxfer softkeys? HOW?


I am not requesting to fix this as soon as possible. My customers are happy after downgrading to 7.5.5b. But if it can be fixed in the next available firmware, that would be great.



William Jin

2 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions

Shilpa Gaddikoppula
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi All,

This issue has been addressed via CDET CSCuq18187    SPA5x5, SPA525G2, SPA30X: 7.5.6 - Cannot transfer anonymous calls. Our Engineering Team has built an ES image on top of 7.5.6 with this fix. Official GA release with the fix will be 7.5.7. Dev Test Team is currently performing regression tests on the ES image. The image will be available later this Month. Customers who are interested to use the ES image can contact SBSC for receiving the ES image.



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Hello Ryan,

Firmware 7.5.7 has been scheduled for late Feb 2015. If someone needs an immediate fix for this issue, we have an Engineering Special which is based on 7.5.6a.





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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I'm not so happy with it as pre-7.5.6 firmware have severe security issue ...

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I downloaded  the latest 7.5.6 firmware as well.  After downloading and extracting Symantec A/V found them to have a Trojan and quarantined the .exe files in the zipfile.  I'm not messing with this version until Cisco verifies the files to be clean.



I'm almost sure its false positive.

The program is very simple and can be inspected by eye and good disassembler within few minutes. I did it.

Well, I'm trusting myself more than an anonymous Cisco employee, but you may consider Cisco's opinion more relevant of course.




OK, Thanks was a bit worried because I have several older versions on the same machine without an issue.



You may consider *.bin style upgrade. I'm doing no executable style of upgrade, so I'm not in risk ...


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Level 1

Same here! 7.5.6 firmware SPA502G and SPA504G

anonymous calls -> ONLY CONF button occurs

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Hi, we've created a fake caller id when there was none or anonymous using Asterisk. We can transfer those calls again.

Can I ask what Asterisk command you used to do this?

It depend on Asterisk version. For example:

same => n,Set(CALLERID(name)="something")
same => n,Set(CALLERID(num)="something")

Thanks Dan, it's more the "if" part of the asterisk rule I was looking for.