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Can't get ACD working not sure what's wrong

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Level 1

First off can users with SNR or shared extensions work with ACD?  I'm following the guide but can't get anything to work.

I made a basic ACD called 515 as the pilot number with all basic settings and put 2 of my extensions as members.  I then put on my autoattendant that pressing 1 goes to the ACD.

If I call the auto attendant and press 1, it says connected, then just hangs up.

I also don't know how to tell if I'm logged in to the ACD or how to log out.  It says in the help that you use the HLog key to log in and out, and I do have that key on my 7970 and 7960 but its grayed out on the 7970 and on both phones just says That key is not active here.  So not sure what's wrong, it seems like it's just not working in general based on it just hanging up when the AA transfers a call to it.  If I try to dial the pilot number I get a busy signal but I think it has to come from the AA from what the guide said.

Not sure what's going on or how to troubleshoot this, any suggestions?

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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame

EM works fine with ephone-hunt.

For B-ACD/AA trouble, take "debug voice application script" with "term mon".

A common cause of grayed out HLog softkey is that the extension part of ephone-hunt is shared. That is not possible to do, because it negates the purpose of pre-defined extensions and phones dedicated to answering calls.

Okay good to know because the help pages on setting up hunt groups say the extensions can't be shared ones so thought maybe that's why.  It seems to be something though because I made a new normal extension, removed the shared ones from the ACD members list and added just the normal one.  Now when I press HLog on the phone it logs in and out it says.

However calling the ACD does the same thing, just hangs up.

Is Shared extension not what I'm supposed to use if I want to have say extension 300 show on a physical phone and IP communicator?  Since normal only lets you add it to one device, I assume share is the right option?  Just seems like it causes issues with ACD.

Not sure how to run that command you said above, I'm just following the built in help which seems straightforward just not sure why it won't work.

For the debug command, as well for many others, you need to use CLI.

You cannot have HLog on a shared extension. So in case you want an CIPC with HLog part of on hunt-group, will have to use a different extension on it

Just a quick update to this, I updated to 8.6.1 today and now ACD works perfectly fine even over SNR.