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Conflicts on Dial Plan Page

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Question from Partner:

While going the initial wizard, the system asks what the default operator code should be.  I always choose 0 since I can’t imagine dialing any other number for the operator.  I received an error that the 0 overlaps the un-configurable default extensions 0000-0999.  I still don’t understand why we can’t change the default extensions but I really can’t understand why someone would press any other number for the operator. The main number configured is 4178900116.  Am I doing something incorrect?


The reason for not allowing codes (operator, feature, outside dial) with conflicting extension range is to avoid inter-digit timeout. So if you have codes conflicting with the extension range, then system has to wait for IDT before it makes routing decision.

For your case, you will need to either have a separate operator code or change main number so that numbers starting from extension length (0116 in this case), does not conflict with operator code.


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I am not trying to be difficult but this is not an acceptable answer.  I am not changing our main phone number and retraining the entire world to use something other than 0 to dial the operator seems extreme.  I need a better answer and solution.

The inability to customize this system will drastically hurt its sales.  When the UC5xx first came to market it faced very similar issues.  Cisco had the impression that Small business could all be configured the same way.  It was quickly discovered that Small businesses require highly customized systems and in some cases more features than enterprise businesses. 

Hi Ryan

I agree that the Dial Plan page is restrictive. We are working on getting it more flexible in upcoming releases.

If you do not want to change main number which is published to outside work (and also not change operator dial code), you can still change the main number on Dial Plan page and configure a translation pattern to match the outside main number to main number on Dial Plan page.

Let us know if that works for you.


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