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difference between watch and monitor

Mark Smith
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Level 1

We have a UC540 and right now everybody can monitor the reception phones. They each have two line buttons programmed to monitor both the reception phones. This shows the reception line as red when the phones are in use--which is great. But when the phones are ringing, the the monitored lines blink red! They can't tell if a receptionist is already on the phone when ringing!

I've been searching around and I see that there is a "watch" line type that acts a little different than monitor. Does watch do more of what I want? Or is there another option that allows us to see if the phone is in use when ringing? It doesn't matter to me whether it changes what the light does or if it changes the icon next to the light. But, we wouldn't like to  loose the ability to see if there is voicemail on the reception phones (ok if the voicemail icon changes to off hook while on phone thought).



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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame

If you want to see the ringing state, as well the busy state, the only alternative is a shared line with silent ring.

However in doing you will lose the ability to transfer calls pressing the button, and there other different behavoir.

Nothing else can be done.

No actually, I could care less about the ringing state. These people are in a blast group with the receptionists so their phones are already ringing too. All I care about is the ring state not intefering with seeing the busy state (and we want to see if the reception 1 desk has voicemail since that's the main office voicemail).

Can we turn off seeing the ringing state completely?

I see. However the only two options are monitor/watch/bfl, that basically behave the same, or shared line.

Well I think I solved my own issues just by playing around with things. It isn't perfect, but it will do.

Monitor shows the full state of the line: It shows if there is new voicemail on the extension (with the letter picture) and it shows the phone ringing and it shows if the phone is in use.

Watch only shows the usage of the line. If shows if the line is currently in use. Watch doesn't show the phone ringing and it doesn't show if there is voicemail on that phone.

I wish there was a third option: a watch that also showed if there was voicemail on the line. (but didn't show the phone ringing).

Under ephone try


It can also be configured from phone UI.