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Disable phone Web access ..

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we are using UC560 for IP Telephony system and i received complain from end users about that any user know the IP address of IP phone he can access it through the web and view all call history  as dialed calls or received calls.

so i need to disable phone web access to protect end user privacy .

kindly advice .


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Level 4


In the CLI you can do this by doing the following:


Service phone webAccess 0

no create cnf-files

Create cnf-files

Then reboot the phone.

If you are doing this in CCA the option is under the ephone template, you might have to create a custom ephone template to disable this feature.



Hello Moe,

Just to add to what John said there is a technical mistake to stop the web access to the phone you need to enter the following on the UC:


Service phone webAccess 1

Create cnf-files

For SPA phones you may try the following:

Cisco SPA303, Cisco SPA500 Series

To allow or disallow from the phone viewing of the phone web user interface:

STEP 1 Press the Setupbutton.

STEP 2 To display the Web Server Writable option either:

• Select Network> Enable Web Server.

• Select Settings> Security Configuration> Web Access Enabled.

NOTE This option is available in SPCP mode only.

STEP 3 Press Edit to change the status of the Web Access Enabled parameter.

If the option to edit the parameter is not displayed, press **#to display the option.

If the edit option still does not display,it might be set by your phone system

administrator such that you cannot modify this parameter.

STEP 4 Press Y/ N to toggle the parameter and press ok to set the parameter.

STEP 5 To save your change, press save.



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Please be advised that disabling phone web access will disable VoiceView Express if you use this feature. There is a work around if both are needed to function. If phones are on their own VLAN, then firewall access to port 80 on the phone subnet from the Data subnet.


Hi Alex,

we are using SPA 520 IP Phones so that's i can only disable the web access from the phone its self. no other way from UC560 directly .

i will try both CLI and directly from phone

Thanks All for your feedback.