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Intermittent no audio ringing or voice answering when phoning

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              Has anyone else experienced no audio ringing sound or other party voice when phoning.  What happens is I do not here ringing or an voice answer when phoning even though the other parties phone does ring and they do answer.  It seems like a dead call for either of us.  This is very intermittent but also very annoying for both parties.  It could also be my IP phone service (checking into that as well).

Has anyone else experienced this issue with the UC320W and SPA 500 phones?



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Level 1

I support a small business using the UC320 and 12 SPA514G IP phones. Seems like they too have that symptom...Call will come in and the receptionist will answer the phone and she can hear the caller but the caller cannot hear her.

It takes either a modification to the system (say a user name change) and save it or a reboot will clear things up.

In addition, when the AA is on after business hours it sometimes doesn’t pick up the calls.

This is sporadic and is very annoying. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Thanks. Marc.

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