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Music on Hold does not work for external calls

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I have setup a UC320W system with an iPod connected to the line in port.

If I dial an internal extension and place them on hold they hear the music.  If I dial 394 from any phone, the music plays.  If I transfer and external call to 394, they hear the music.

However, even though I have "Play music for calls on hold" selected, external calls just get dead air.  I have tried parking calls, same issue, and I confirmed that "Play music for parked" is selected.  I have unselected the options, applied the change.  Tested and no music, which I expected.  Reselected the options, applied the change, stll no music.

I have upgraded the system to the latest firmware 2.0.6 (10), the system did this as part of the initial configuration.

Have I missed something?

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Hi Tom,

Are the external calls that result in no music on hold coming in on Sip Trunks or FXO?



Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your reply.

Initially all of my testing was outgoing calls using SIP.  After posting the message I kept testing and found that incoming calls using SIP did play the on hold music.  In my test environment it was only outgoing calls using SIP that didn't.  I didn't have any FXO lines to test with.

This morning I put the system live with a mixture of FXO and SIP and music on hold is working for all calls.

I am not sure that the issue was.

looks like I was wrong.  Outgoing calls using SIP have no music when placed on hold.

Hi Tom,

Sorry that the problem seems to have returned.  Did this actually work for a while and then stop working?  Is it only failing to provide Music on Hold for outgoing Sip trunk calls or does it fail on both outgoing and incoming?  Are you using one of the validated Sip Service Providers?

In any case, if this failure is consitent this might be a Sip interoperability issue with your Sip Service Provider that requires a PMF file.   Even if it is intermittent, the appropriate thing to do at this point is to open up a case with Cisco Small Business Support Center.  You can refer to this thread to save time.

The SBSC contact numbers can be found in the following link:




Just to complement Jeff's post, I have seen this behavior with a couple of SP and was fixed setting RFC_2543_Call_Hold to "No", when you call to SBSC mention it to save time. They will have to get a PMF file for you.

Best regards,

Rogelio V.

Thanks for yoru help guys!

Working with SBSC we were able to get MOH working for parked calls, but when they are placed on hold it just beeps.

The case has been escalated and I will post the resolution here.  I suspect you are all right and it will be a PMF from support.

The UC320 never plays beeps ( tone on hold). This is certainly the service provider.

maybe you're right and the beeps are coming from the service provider.

However, when the system default codec for MOH is changed, that is when the beeping happens and parked calls play music.  If the UC320w default codec is in place then neither hold nor parked calls get anything when placed on hold.

hi jeff

can you help me plz to solve my MOH issue:

i`m using cisco cucm-BE with mgcp protocol with the gateways,

When someone called form the pstn to the cucm and after he hear the autoattendant:

the    MOH only works when i press 0 (the operator) and when i press an    internal extension i hear a ring back tone and sometimes i hear the MOH  for one second but when i dial 0 i hear the   MOH Normally after "wait  while i transfer your call"

how i can hear the MOH too after i dial the internal extension normally?

the following is done:

-am using unicast MOH

- that media resource is enabled. Media Resource->MoH Server and verify that the run flag is set to YES.

- Restart the Cisco IP Voice Media Stream App service.

- Check if G711,G729 is enabled for MoH in Service Parameters->Call Manager->Cisco IP Voice Media Stream App service.

- the IP Phones or Gateways has assigned the MRGL that include the MOH resource.



Thanks for your post, but the thread is part of UC300 Small Business product line so any feedback here will be limited.

Music on Hold should play when the call is parked or the end user places the call on hold.  I do not believe MOH should play when a call is transfered from the auto attendant to an extension.



OK and thanks,

the MOH can be played when a call is transfered fromt the auto attendant to an extension. it works when the out side caller press the 0 after the auto attendant he is transfered to the receptionist (5555) and the MOH is worked fine- but when he dials internal extension like 5545 the MOH only palys for 1 second then he hear the ring back tone.

how i can make the MOH plays continuesly if internal extension is dialed?


Hi Mohammed,

Can you please confirm whether you are using a UC500 or UC300?



thanks for replay,

am unsing cisco unified communicaiton manager bussiness edition version 7 as it is there in my first post - CUCM-BE.


Hi Mohammed,

This forum is for the Cisco UC320, the little brother of the Business Edition 3000.  Unfortunately, there isn't a dedicated support forum for the BE 3000 just yet.  I would suggest posting your message again in this forum:

You can also contact Cisco TAC.