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Setting Up Softphone Outside Network



I Would like to know if it is possible to set up a Softphone outside the network using the configuration i have:

I have set up a UC560 which is connected to a managed switch and a SRP527W Router (internet), I know you normally set up a VPN on the UC but is it possible to set up the VPN on the Router and still make it work?



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If you would like to register the IPC from the WAN side you would need to open up the firewal. This would open up your network for hacking and toll fraud. You could consider some sought of LAN side VPN tunnel, however this has not been tested.

Cisco recommend EZ VPN for IPC connectivity.


David Trad
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Mahesh,

Not a recommended configuration and also a bad way of doing it.

You can consider doing the following:

  • Put the SRP in bridge mode and let the UC do the authentication and routing, and setup EZ_VPN and use the Drop Mode method... MUCH more reliable, secure and better process/standards for network security and reliability
  • Do some NAT/Port Forwards on the SRP of 500/4500 and point it to the UC500 and still setup EZ_VPN on the UC500, this would mean that you will need to setup the WAN port on the UC500 properly so it will work the way it is meant to

    Not a method but a requirement:

  • Install Cisco VPN client on the client system and make sure that it has paths to all three VLAN's (Subnets) on the UC, so VLAN-1, VLAN-90 & VLAN-100 subnet's should be routable by the VPN client

That is the only two methods I would recommend and should be very doable in your scenario.

Just a thought for you to consider, otherwise you can do as Navin suggested but you expose yourself to Toll Fraud and other malicious activity.



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Thanks for the advise. Quick question when you try a vpn it uses a port to try and connect right? can't I just portforward that port to the UC560 so it tries to authenticate there instead of the router?

Please let me know if that is possible or would the router just deny the vpn

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