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SPA504G group call pickup working intermittently

Level 1
Level 1

I am using an SPA504G with a SIP provider. They support group call pickup and this has been configured through their web based GUI along with the BLF group.

I have been told the feature code for group pickup is *8 (they run an Asterisk server). This has been added to the attendant console settings in the Attendant Console Call Pickup Code field.

Sometimes the *8 works, other times it doesn't. I thought I had found that leaving it for a few rings allowed me to pick up the call but it later stopped working.

I have BLF working and use this in the extended functions field on a line key:


I call in, BLF key lights up, I hit the button and the call drops on both ends. 1 out of 10 times it will answer though. The fact that it does answer sometimes tells me that the group pickup is configured correctly.

But then it gets really weird.... I call in on my mobile phone (CID enabled) when the call drops (after attempting the group call pickup) my mobile starts ringing.... If I answer it it just drops the call.

Not sure where to start looking. Phones are pretty much standard apart from some regional settings for ring sound and cadence.


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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

It may be phone's issue, but according your's description it seems to be rather provider's issue..

Turn on syslog&debug (highest level). Capture syslog&debug messages as well as SIP packets. We need to compare successful and unsuccessful pickup.

I call in on my mobile phone (CID enabled) when the call drops (after attempting the group call pickup) my mobile starts ringing...

Even it sounds like provider's issue. Advice is the same - capture syslog&debug&SIP. They will reveal more.