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teleworker and router + ssl vpn phones

Mark Smith
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My office has a router and a server and have the uc540 plugged into the router. So the internet goes to the router and then from a normal switch port on the router to the wan port on the phone system. This has been fine till now because our phone system has been completely seperate from the rest of our network. They have completely different ip ranges, we don't use the wireless on the uc540, and we don't use any phone passthrough. We can get internet if you plug into the phone system with a computer, but you can't talk to the rest of the network.

But the boss would like a teleworker phone at home. Can I forward ports to the cisco so that this will work or will I have to have the uc540 as the router for this to work? We don't use vpn with the server at all, so I don't think I'm worried about conflicting ports/protocals. We currently forward remote desktop, rww, etc to the server.


Bonus question: Did the 7962g phones ever get supported for ssl vpn? I'm asking because I think that is what is required for the phone to just work on the other side--no need for cisco vpn hardware on the other side. Does this phone now work (officially or unoffically). Is the SPA525g(2) still the only officially supported phone for this?

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You may port forward 443 to 443 on the UC500's wan  IP.   You could also forward a port other than, say 11443, to 443 on the   UC500.  You may connect either with CIPC and a computer that is VPN  connected or with a spa525G2 phone via SSL VPN.  If using a port other  than 443 you will have to specify it at the end of the spa525G2  connection target IP address (  The SSL VPN tunnel should  be a full tunnel.

Configure these options on a remote spa525G2:

1 username

2 password

3 public IP address of UC500 gateway

4 enable alternate TFTP server

5 set alternate TFTP server to be

6 disable CDP and LLDP autodetect

7 set call control to be SCCP

I apologize but the 7900 series phone VPN is not currently supported on UC500.

Hope this helps,


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