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UC500 and Dynamic Routing... why not?

Ian Brennan
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First off, I know that the UC500 doesn't support any dynamic routing of any kind.  I'm really just here to vent.  My biggest problem with this is that the entire UC line supports DMVPN, which works great, except it is somewhat useless without any routing protocol support.  There is simply no reason the actual box can't support dynamic routing, in fact it actually looks like it supports RIP in a limited capacity (unoffically of course).  I can receive RIP routes no problem, I just can't advertise any RIP routes.

I don't see why Cisco can't at least offer a upgrade license to enable dynamic routing.

Can someone from Cisco chime in on why this is the case?  I am going to end up purchasing additional Cisco 881 routers for all my UC500 deployments simply for DMVPN and dyanmic routing.  I would rather just pay for a license to enable RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, or BGP routing to be enabled on the U540...

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Ian Brennan
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Nobody from Cisco can comment on this??

Not surprisingly, with the UC500 going EoL very soon, Cisco interest on the matter must be very low.

Anyway, the product was never sold a a general purpose router, and so it's clearly stated in literature.

If you want a device that does all, and will not go EoL any soon, use ISR G2.

I've heard nothing official about the UC540 or 560 going EOL.   Currently Cisco have no direct replacement with the same feature set or price point...

I agree 200% with this, you really can't replace the UC500 line with any of the ISR G2's anywhere close to the same pricepoint.  I really don't get the feeling that it will be going EOL any time soon.

My main point on this topic is why even support DMVPN if you can't give us any routing protocol support.  There is just not technical reason for it either, just probably a few lines of code that need to be uncommented I would bet...

To be honest I think the real reason they removed this from Uc5xx was they were scared some of their mid-level customers would consider ditching the more expensive enterprise kit and throwing these boxes in at their smaller site offices.

Dynamic routing is pretty useful when you get to around 10 sites, especially if your're routing voice, data and voicemail VLAN IPs through a full mesh.   We've thrown in ISRs or 800 series to do this in a few cases, but we do still have static routes punched in to a few UC520s in a lot of locations.

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We are using this at one site with dynamic routing (using rip).  It is the head end device and 2 sites with 881's.