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UC540 Behind 881?

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Level 1

I have four sites which are all connected by four 881 devices. These devices handle the data traffic across the sites.

But I would like to replace the four separate phone systems at these locations and I am thinking of the following:

1 UC540 at the main site

3 SPA880's at the three remote sites

Would the above devices work behind the 882 devices in that configuration?


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Yasien Adams
Level 1
Level 1

No reason why it shouldnt work.

How many handsets are to be deployed at each location?

Each location will have 6 handsets.

Should be fine.

You havent said exactly how you intend to configure each site, but i dont see a problem so far.

My main concern is that at the three remote sites which have the 881 and SPA880 if there is a drop in the link to the main site, will these sites still be able to make and receive calls using the PSTN lines on their local SPA880? Or will they be unable to do so because even if they are using their local SPA880 the traffic still needs to go to the UC540 at the main sie first.

With the internet link down, all the remote phones will be down. No calls of any type can be made.