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Wall mounting

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We're wanting to wall mount some of the SPA 30x and 5xx phones.  There are the classic dual mounting holes for a mounting plate, but all of the plates that I have found in various hardware stores have the RJ11/45 jack slightly raised.  While I don't care if I use the builting jack or I run a sperate CAT5 line, I do need someway of conviently mounting the phone.  The problem is that back of the phones between the mounting holes is flush and do not permit this raised RJ11/45 jack.

Other than drilling two screws manually into the drywall and mounting the phones, what have others done?

It would be nice on a future phone redeisgn to provide a recess in the back of the phone to accept the RJ11/45 jack sticking up.

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There is a mounting bracket that is recommended for the phones if you are going to attach them to the wall:

I don't have one myself but I would assume the jack isn't a problem with the design of the bracket.

Ahh yes, I had forgotten about that.  It bit pricy for the task (20% of the phone cost) but it would work.

Sorry, I didn't know the cost. The only other thing I have seen people do with the phones is your first idea of using screws in drywall. Maybe someone else will answer with another idea....