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Hi, I have a very strange auto attendant issue.  UC540, version 8.1.I have main number 100, if no one answers, that goes to auto attendant 198.  The 198 autoattendant will be able to do "press 1 for dial by extension, press 2 for dial by name, press ...

Bit of a noob when it comes to this but I need to send 1 of the outside lines to a specific extension and all the other PSTN lines to one other extension.I also need to create a schedule to forward one line to an external number ( call forwarding ) t...

Team,This UC520 is REALLY frustration the integrator and the customer. There have been MANY "quirks" that make the quality look bad. One such quirk that is totally frustratiing and reproduceable is when we make changes to lines on the 509 G phones. I...

placroix by Cisco Employee
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