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Outgoing CLI number on SIP trunk

We have a UC320 with 8 VOIP lines and 2 analogue. It's set to dial out on the SIP trunk first. We want to change the number thats displayed when dialling out via IP - but we can't change it.

If I change the 'Account ID' setting, then it doesn't connect to the SIP trunk as the username is wrong - it seems to ignore the 'Authentication ID' setting. Likewise, if I set an outgoing extension to use it's DID number for the CLID, then the call fails as it tries to use the DID number to login to the SIP line, rather than the 'Authentication ID'

Is this a bug in the software? (We're using 2.1.3)



Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor

Hi Nick,

To set the outbound number for a SIP trunk call from a user or phone group type, go to the Inbound Calls page.  Create a new route with the specific DID that you want to use.  Then provision the user or phone group type where inbound calls to that number will route, check use this DID for outbound calls.  Now when that user or a member of the group type originates an outbound call over SIP it will use that DID in the caller ID.

Hope this helps.


Hi Chris,

I'll give that a try when I'm next on-site. I have tried something similar already with no success. Each extension has a DID number - and if I check the box to use the DID for outbound calls, the calls all fail. The SIP provider ran a trace at their end, and the FROM tag is incorrect when trying to use the DID for outbound calls.

The correct form for our provider is:

From: 0203xxxxxx07 <>>

but if I check the box I get:

From: Users Name <>>



Update: Still no luck with this. When I create a route for the users DID number and then check the box to use it as the outgoing CLI, then that extension can no longer dial out...

Hi Nick,

It may be time to put a call into the Cisco Small Business Support center where they can look at your specific configuration and logs from your SIP trunks.



I followed your instruction and this is the first time since I have had the UC320 that I have been able to pass callerid.  The ITSP I use is VocalCloud.  I know the owner and after doing some testing on his end he told me that I was not passing the number or the name.  I input a Company Name and setup the route for this CLID on the main extension in my kitchen and it works like a champ.

I know people in Small Business support and I had several of them tell me that I needed a PMF applied to fix this, but this was not the case.  Thanks for supplying this answer; now people answer my calls instead of ignoring them from "Unknown".