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HelloPlease, help me with my problemCan't connect and get IP address via GPRSI read many articles about this problem but can't solve it.                                          Config!chat-script gsm "" AT OK AT&F OK "AT\\Q3" OK "AT+CGDCONT=1,IP,www...

sergyk000 by Beginner
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Hello everybody. Need your help. I have some problem with Cisco Easy VPN Client working. I will explain:I have configured router Cisco3945 as Easy VPN server. I have two ISP accordingly to two subinterfaces. I assigned  "crypto map" to the first subi...

gijuacisco by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Hello -Just wondering if this by design and if there is a way of turning this off. When a remote client connects using remote vpn access, the /32 host address from the client is automatically showing up in the ASA routing table.  I have specified a /...

johng231 by Participant
  • 11 replies
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I am looking to NAT all of my traffic going to the VPN site to site tunnel and only use one IP.  Has anyone done this?  This is the configuration I am using:access-list my_accesslist extended permit ip object-group remote_ad...

Hello -We’re in the process of migrating our legacy VPN concentrators over to a pair of ASA5540s. The VPN connections we use today are L2L, RA, & easy VPN. I don’t want to jump up to 8.3 or higher just yet, due to the differences in the NAT, group-ob...

johng231 by Participant
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Hi Guys,So.. i already created a vpn server on my 878 router.. so that i can connect with ip-sec (cisco vpn client) to this router and network..al working great... however... when i also want to allow multicast traffic over my vpn connection. do i th...

kennis1977 by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Hi All,I have a question.Is that a big problem to have different Phase 2 lifetimes configured on L2L VPN tunnels on both ends?Like one end has P1 lifetime set to 86400 P2 lifetime set to 86400 and remote end has P1 set to 86400 and P2 set to 28800.Th...

Ruterford by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Check out my second post - I've gotten a little further but still need helpI've got a very basic configuration, and I just added configuration to allow a remote access vpn.My issue is that I can connect to the VPN but I can't ping others that are con...

With "show-vpndessiondb detail l2l" , i obtain this output IPsec:  Tunnel ID    : 107.2  Local Addr   :  Remote Addr  :  Encryption   : 3DES                   Hashing      : MD5  Encapsulati...

johnramz by Beginner
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I just installed Lion 10.7 on my iMac and can no longer use the downloaded Cisco VPN client to connect to Microsoft Remote Desktop and access the PC in my company's office. When I try to launch the VPN client I get Error 51. I used to be able to ente...

Irakaplan by Beginner
  • 9 replies
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