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Resolved! Overlapping address spaces and VPN

I'm trying to get setup a VPN to allow a business-parter access to our network. The problem is that the partner use the same private address space as we do.I'm trying to figure out how to translate NAT their internal address to a different address as...

rtjensen4 by Enthusiast
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Remote-Access VPN's; ASA 5520 or Cisco 2811?

Hi!I have been tasked with the implementation of a firewall and remote-access VPN solution. We have procured a pair of ASA5520 firewalls with AIP-20 IPS modules. We also have procurred a 2811 router, with VPN module.Which would be a better solution? ...

theo55124 by Beginner
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L2L IPSec on IOS Routers with DPD

Hi,I am setting up a lab to test IPSec HE redundancy using DPD. The HE is geographically separted by a WAN.The issue is "the secondary HE picks up on Default HE failure, but it do not release the ISAKMP peering after the return of the default peer.I ...

ccie16351 by Beginner
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ASA firewall can't be used as a PPTP VPN endpoint?

I was hoping to replace an aging PIX running 6.3 with a new ASA 5505 running 8.0However, the PIX is currently used as a PPTP VPN endpoint for a number of MS-WinXP dialin clients on the outside. After a bit of research, it seems that the ASAs don't s...

How to Setup Redundant VPN Tunnels

HiCan someone please advise me how to configure the following scenario.L2L VPN from Network A to Network B over the Internet (both sites PIX), BUT with a 2nd ISP connection at Site A as alternate route/tunnel (to Site B also) NetA | PIX A | |ISP1...

nigelb by Beginner
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pri isdn backup

hello,i have install a router 7200 with a serial and E1 interfaces.i configure the dialer interface as a backup of serial interface, but whene i shutdown the serial the dialer stay in standby mode.can any one help me pleaz

imane by Beginner
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ISDN question

HiI made a posting some time ago about ISDN related info and for the life of me I cannot find my posting on the forum. So please forgive me for make another posting, but I really need some help with regards to the ISDN issue I am having.I have a main...

Error uninstalling Cisco VPN

I am trying to unistall my current installation of the Cisco VPN Client so i can install a newer version but everytime i try i get the following error: Error 28000: Before installing the Cisco Systems VPN Client you must uninstall the pr...

Maznet by Beginner
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VPN 3005 Code images could not be loaded

I have a VPN 3005 concentrator...when im in via serial i get the following error:Boot-ROM Initializing...Boot configured 32Mb of RAM....Code image(s) could not be loaded!THE SYSTEM WILL NOT CONTINUE...WARNING - If this message is seen then either an ...

VPN to IOS router behind 1 to 1 NAT

I have a unreliable VPN tunnel I am trying to diagnose. I have a Cisco 1801 ISR at a customer site that has a private IP address assigned to it's outside interface. The other end of that connection is I am told a DMZ on a watchguard (not my device) a...

Traffic Not Using Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel?

Okay, I'm having a bit of a strange time, here. I have a VPN tunnel I've established between sites. I, unfortu nately only have control over my end. But traffic also only needs to originate from my end. Anyway, the tunnel will establish, but I ca...

Allowing incoming VPN clients to NAT to the Internet

Morning All,Currently I have an 871 with advanced ip services using NAT at a remote site. The router has been successfully configured to accept remote access ipsec connections, and traffic is flowing correctly.I would like to be able to have those co...

sstallion by Beginner
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VPN-Client with a 2nd network-card?

Hi everyvbody!i am using a tunneled VPN-connection to a customer. When "online" i have no access to my private network of course.might it be possible to configure a 2nd network card in order to have access to my private network over the 2nd card??tha...

Users cannot connect using VPN Client

We have a firm that is trying to make some connections between our Cisco Pix 515e and some Nortel IP based phones. He made a change that caused our Cisco VPN clients to get booted and now they cannot get back on. They backed out their changes but VPN...

jaycaruso by Beginner
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