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Folks,I need a little clarification.We have a set of 7200's that run as an LNS to various PPPoA and PPPoE clients dotted about the place.  These are authenticated via RADIUS and exit the router on various VRF's to find their destinations.  All works ...

Dear All,Please help me on this. I have a cisco ASA 5510 with base license and I want to configure on this product as below:1. Interface e0/0 (outside)2. Interface e0/1 (inside)3. Interface e0/2 ( connect to branch with DPLC or local loop vpn connect...

This is my first try at setting up a site-to-site VPN on ASA 5505s. Thankfully I'm able to do so on the bench and not at the actual sites. Once I can confirm connectivity, I'll move them to the physical sites.Both ASAs are running 8.3(1). I've tried ...

laner61 by Beginner
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When I connect with the Cisco VPN Client (IPSec), the version shows up in the syslog (%ASA-6-713184). If I do an EasyVPN connection, the version shows up in the log. But when I do an AnyConnect VPN connection, the version does NOT show up in the logs...

baldwintm by Beginner
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Hello[u]I'm facing problem when I want to establish VPN IPsec tunnel Site-to-site configuration.I can ping router Bydgoszcz from router Torun and invertly but only with standard ping (WAN interfaces) however I can't ping from LAN to LAN.[/u]There is ...

piotrsz90 by Beginner
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I am new to the 5505 and configuring them. I have several books and the web as research tools however I haven't wrapped my head around the whole thing. I am better at reverse engineering then initial config. I am trying to terminate remote access PPT...

HI,i want to create 2 DMVPN tunnels in separate VRFs  with same source and destination from spoke side the tunnel in the global is pingable and working normallythe problem is in the tunnel which is in the vrf the topology attached and also the config...

Currently we have clients connect into the VPN and are assigned addresses in the range The default route for them is This is on interface Ethernet0/0 (external) with IP ASA also has Ethernet0/1 (intern...

gudlyf001 by Beginner
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Hello,I have installed SSL evaluation license on 3945E router long time ego. Now it expires in syslog it shows following message:%LICENSE-1-TRANSITION: EvalRightToUse License for feature SSL_VPN 1.0 will transition to RightToUse in 10 days. UDI=C3900...

ngtransge by Beginner
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Please bear with me as I explain.I'm setting up a new site-2-site VPN tunnel with another company where I need to use the VPN tunnel as our primary means of communication between us. We also have a direct routed connection with this company, however,...

campbech1 by Beginner
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Hi ,  I have 5 S2S vpn configured on ASA ; from last two days  am observing Phase1 flapping .However when i do debug crypto iskamp 127 or 200 am getting logs like below. [IKEv1]: Phase 1 failure:  Mismatched attribute types for class Group Descriptio...

We have a few sites that all VPN to one ASA, that ASA is getting a new IP address, can i configure and new crypto map with a high sequence number with the same interesting traffic? Will the ASA try that one if it cannot reach the old IP?

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