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How to trace policy for native FTP

Hi guys,I am trying to troubleshoot policy for native FTP (proxy port 8021 where FTP proxy is listening). The main reasons are wrong probably policy: we have usersA that are able to log into ftp via FTP proxy, but another usersB (another subnet) are ...

DNS lookup failed

hi,i faced error when i want to access to certain url. Then i trace the url in Cisco WSA and show result like belowResults User InformationUser Name: NoneGroup Membership: NoneUser-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2) AppleWebKit/537.11 (KHTML, like G...

Iron port S370 authentication issues.

Hi All,Noticed the following errors in the iron port device.Users are having issues with network printers.. PROX_AUTH : - : NTLM CRAP authentication for user [] returned NT_STATUS_ACCOUNT_EXPIRED (PAM: 17) PROX_AUTH : - : Login for user [EE]\[user] f...

Asa code 9 web filtering

Hi AllI have been trying without success to get either a part code or pricing for the web filtering cloud connector for the Asa. This only for a small site as they have a BlueCoat proxy at the min and want to move over to the Cisco web filtering. Doe...

Anyconnect VPN with IronPort Proxy

Hello,I have a customer that is using a failover set of ASAs as their VPN headend for remote access users along with their internet gateway. Currently we are deploying ISE and the customer would like to have their users hit their ironport which is on...

Issues with Protectlink Web on SA 520

Hi,I've got some issues with Protectlink. So, Iet's lookin at the tab called "Protectlink > Web Protection > Web Threat Protection".When I ticked to enable it (Security level : Low ), a lot of website are unavailable... I don't know why. Even if the ...

Streaming media blocked

Hi,We configured a S170 WSA pretty basic. Now Internet is working fine except streaming media is not working. Looked througout the whole config but can't find it. normal websites are working fine it only fails on streaming media. Already disabled cac...

bizadcom3 by Beginner
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Ironport S760 Network Teaming

I've searched for this, but it's been inconclusive. Does anybody know if it's possible to team network adaptors on Ironport WSA S670's? Ideally LACP, but even just active/ standby would be helpful.Any infomation would be much appreciated.Thanks,Neil ...

by Not applicable
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Guest Authentication issue

Hi,I am using IronPort S160 ( 6.3). I am facing issue related Guest policy,AD authentication is working properly, but when I typed incorrect password, it is not using guest policy, and URLs are allowed,even I blocked in policy , pl check attachment f...

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