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Hi,We have an S160 acting as web proxy and I'm fairly new to it. We can get to www.paypal.com but when we login it just states 'Please make sure you enter your email address and password correctly' and prompts for login details again.The applicable l...

Hello Folks,If there are two policies in umbrella. First which is at the top and has identity of site and network. 2nd policy has identity of a single AD user. A DNS query from that AD user matches all the 3 identities - Network , site and AD ID.My q...

Hello all,Would anyone know, if the Syslog message for 430001 to 430005 can be tuned in the FTD/FMC ?I want to stop sending logging for some of the Connection Event Fields.Thanks

HII am new to this field, please how do we exploit an open port 2000 and sip 5060 for Pen testing vulnerabilities, or should i say what are the possible ways these particular ports could be exploited?Thank You, 

jofioguas by Beginner
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Resolved! DMZ Network Design

Dears I am setting up a DMZ network and we have purchased a WSA, I would like to understand from design perspective is it OK to connect P1 port of WSA on the internal core switch but logically traffic will pass through internal firewall, and P2 port ...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi,I'm trying to connect one of our WSA/SWAs (ASyncOS 14.5.0-537) to SecureX and not having any success.Going by the instructions, I enable the SecureX setting under Network > Cloud Services Settings, and it shows as being enabled after committing th...

WSA cloud service settings.gif WSA cloud service deregister.gif

is there a method to bring 3 WSA into a cluster and do loadbalance. The intention is 5000 to 700 number of user traffic should be equally taken by WSA 9load balance) If a WSA fails, traffic shd be able to connect to secondary WSA.  

manvik by Beginner
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