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How to Install Renewed Certificate on Expressway Server


Hello, I'm needing to install either a renewed GoDaddy cert, or my boss suggested the wildcard cert, onto a Cisco Expressway-E server, but all the instructions I found talk about creating a CRS key and then getting the cert with the new CRS key.  I found a video where some guy just installed the renewed cert like it wasn't even a thing, just uploaded the single file and that was that.

I'm confused now.  I'm not a security tech, and I don't want to break it if I do it wrong.  Can I just upload the new GoDaddy cert?  If I install the wildcard cert instead what all do I need?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Seems the question is related to collaboration/voice product. Would be better to ask in


In general, you have 2 options for cert upload:

1. Upload it directly if you have both cert and private key for it

2. Generate a CSR on the box, sign it by CA (GoDaddy in your case) and upload the cert. In this case, the private key for the CSR/cert is already on the box.


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So the renewed cert from GoDaddy will work with the CSR already generated and in the box, I don't need to update it?

I'm not sure how it works in Expressway Server... Would be better to ask in the thread I provided in the previous message.