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Integration of Cisco on premises video conference with MS Team

Dear All,


Thanks in advance and hope all are staying safe and healthy.


I need a help to understand and confirm, if at all is there any solution for integrating Cisco's on premises VC equipment/infrastructure ( Tele Presence and MCU not Webex ) with Microsoft Team.

I'm working for a ongoing solution deal and customer is asking such integration but I'm not sure if this can be done, didn't find anything on internet or cisco website also.


I found a solution from MS Team, cloud video interop to integrate with other OEM eg. Polycome, Pixip & Bluejeans can be done with MS Team, but Cisco VC are not there.


Please help and suggest.


Thanks & Regards




Cisco Employee

The Cisco Video Interop integration with MS Teams (Both CVI and WebRTC) are on the roadmap for later in the year.

I found a video link -

but no other information, can anyone please help me with my following query -


1. The option of MS Team and Cisco Webex integration in the video above, is it readily available now ? Do I need to procure any license to do that ? If yes for license, which license I have to procure.


2. As I said, my customer have the Cisco VC on premises equipment like the following -


Cisco Webex Room Kit
Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus
Cisco TelePresence MX300 G2
Cisco TelePresence DX70
Cisco Telepresence DX80
Cisco TelePresence DX70
Cisco TelePresence SX20
Cisco TelePresence DX70
Cisco TelePresence SX80
Cisco E20


Are the above on premises VC equipment and endpoint can be integrated with MS Team ?

The Cloud Video Interop (CVI) will be initially for cloud registered devices, and likely be later for on prem devices via CMS.
Neither have been released so there is not really any public documentation available outside of some media blogs.

1) It’s not available but CVI will be a paid offer. Pricing can’t be discussed unless you are a partner or Cisco internal. Web RTC is free assuming your endpoint can register to Cisco’s call control and that’s your device reg license

2) CVI can be supported by all endpoints but webrtc needs current gen endpoints that can run a chromium browser which is room units, board and desk pro. Basically any endpoint that can run a web engine is what will be supported

The video you reference is also part of the "Cisco Webex Meetings Integration with Microsoft Teams" page at <>.  That page shows you how to install/configure/use the extension/bot into MS Teams.


Note the other replies are related to a different way to integrate Webex/MS Teams which is coming later this year.


So meaning there is no solution for those on-prem video conference devices on cisco?

I am having a few Cisco TelePresence SX20 but looking on the solution else it makes us no choice to switch out from cisco to Microsoft teams supporting device. 

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