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join microsoft teams from webex using webrtc

Hythim Ali El Hadad
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor



I need to enable our WebEx board to join Microsoft teams meetings invitations

CVI won't be enabled on teams


So I see Web RTC should work with some limitations

What is not clear for me is that if hybrid calendar is a must ? or it is only required for the join button to appear or for OBTP ? If I don't use hybrid calendar, can I use Web RTC to join teams meeting ?


Another question , can I use the same Exp-C as a connector for both hybrid call and hybrid calendar at the same time ?




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Adam Pawlowski
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

Yes you can run hybrid calling with the calendar connector but there are capacity limitations. I don't recall if the planning guide mentions mixing b2b calling with the connectors or insists on its own connector host. A dedicated host is prescribed I'm pretty sure. Both connectors can run as long as you mind the X12.5 limitation for Hybrid Calling. My connectors run on X12.6 but it says it's not compatible.

Hey Adam - What is the limitation that you mention for Hybrid Calling and running x12.5?  Also, have you run into any issues running x12.6?  Thanks!

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Sorry, I replied via email but I guess that didn't post anything.


In the Webex Help article, with release notes and information on Hybrid Calling - as I think it is in the Expressway guide, but, not the deployment documentation for some reason, up to X12.5 is supported but not beyond that for Hybrid Calling.


They are also quick to call out that Hybrid Calling is EoL for users in March, but is still being used for devices, so .... ?


I have it on X12.6, it's very low usage, and it has not caused me any problem, but, for support you'll want to stay on X12.5. Downgrading the Expressway officially is not as easy as slamming the old image on it.

Adam Pawlowski
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

There's not currently a way to interact with the WebRTC app other than joining with the join button, I believe the Hybrid Calendar is required.

You may be able to use the xAPI to book the endpoint but I don't know the format for the join URI that launches the WebRTC application, I'd have to check a booked codec and we boxed our test codec back up for a bit.

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