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WCAE (Wireless Config Analyzer Express) - Now Live

Javier Contreras
Cisco Employee

Happy to Introduce “Wireless Config Analyzer Express” the next gen cloud based evolution of the WLC Config Analyzer (WLCCA) with powerful checks for Wireless LAN Controllers , Access Points (AP), Radio Frequency (RF), Mobility, Security, Mesh and Flex Configurations. “WCAE” provides state of art RF summary including stats summarization at WLC, AP group, Flex group level and RF health analysis at WLC, AP group, Flex group level.


Please access the tool in the tools section of @


WCAE Main Features (Feb 2018)


Config Checks

184+ checks for configuration issues, covering Security, WLANs, Mobility, Mesh, Flex, etc

Get the experience of hundreds of cases applied to your network in seconds

AP  Data Summarization

Get list of AP HW types and operational modes in use

RF Stats

Quick data summarization for main RF stats,  see what is happening at WLC, or AP group/Flex group levels

RF Health

Simplified RF analysis tool, translate those RF statistics into simple Health report

Log File Summarization

List all messages in a short list, get counts and initial/end time

Supported Controllers

WLC running AireOS

Any version

Any Hardware

File Types Supported

Sh run-config -> recommended option, gives you more bang for the buck

Sh tech

Sh msglog


WCAE is a public facing tool and anyone with a valid CEC ID can enjoy its benefits. Please feel free to share this tool with your customers and partners.  Note: Ensure that pop-up block is disabled for the page on your browser to run the script. Here are some cool screenshots from WCAE:


Controller Messages View

 Controller MessagesController Messages



RF Health view

 RF Health viewRF Health view

More information


The same backend engine is used on the Diagnostic Bridge as part of the Connected TAC initiative, you can join your network and  enjoy additional digitized expertize:



 Feedback buttonFeedback button

Questions? Features requests? Problems?  Please let us know!~

Aaron Hilley

Any chance we can get an export button?  PDF and CSV?

Javier Contreras
Cisco Employee
Hi Aaron

Yes, we are planning on export feature for future release




In this moment, we can´t use this app... any problem?

Jacob Snyder

Curious on where the export feature stands.  Would love to see json as an option.


or, api access so we can get the results directly.


I agree, we should be following the DevNet lead allowing an API access to get all of the information via JSON. Would love to be able to use Python to push a config file up to the platform, have it analyzed, and return all the data in a JSON structure for consumption.


Hi ,


this tool is not working , please suggest how to use it .

Javier Contreras
Cisco Employee
Hi Jagjeet

I just tested, and the tool worked fine, could you unicast me what file types are you trying to use?

The tool uses "sh run-config" output, either in text or ZIP compressed formats


Bruno Dinis

hello good night.
Can anyone explain why there's not an offline tool for that?
People might not want to share specific configurations with cisco.

Thank you in advance.

Jacob Snyder


there is an offline version of this tool.  It’s called WLCCA (Wireless LAN Controller Config Analyzer)


This web tool is the “Express” version.






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