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How to Disable Mode Button on Access Point.

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You can disable the mode button on access points having a console port by using the [no] boot mode-button command.

This command prevents password recovery and is used to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to the access point CLI.


This command disables password recovery. If you lose the privileged EXEC mode password for the access point after entering this command, you will need to contact the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to regain access to the access point CLI.

The mode button is enabled by default. Beginning in the privilege EXEC mode, follow these steps to disable the access point’s mode button.

You can check the status of the mode-button by executing the show boot or show boot mode-button commands in the privileged EXEC mode. The status does not appear in the running configuration. The following shows a typical response to the show boot and show boot mode-button commands:



ap#show boot
BOOT path-list: flash:/c1200-k9w7-mx-v123_7_ja.20050430/c1200-k9w7-mx.v123_7_ja.20050430
Config file: flash:/config.txt
Private Config file: flash:/private-config
Enable Break: no
Manual boot:no
Mode button:on
Enable IOS break: no
HELPER path-list:
NVRAM/Config file
buffer size: 32768
ap#show boot mode-button on



As long as the privileged EXEC password is known, you can restore the mode button to normal operation using the

boot mode-button command.


Cisco IOS Software Configuration Guide for Cisco Aironet Access Points - Administering the Access Point
Cisco IOS Command Reference for Cisco Aironet Access Points and Bridges - Cisco IOS Commands for Access Points
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Vinay Sharma
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Rising star

Sharath great info. thanks for sharing :-). 5+

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Cisco Employee

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