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2802I Access point location command invoked


Hi All, 

Three AP2802 LED is cycling on Red-Off-Green-Off-Blue-Off. All APs can be seen already on 5520 WLC. According to the starting guide "Access point location command invoked". Two out of three are already added in AP group but all of them have the same LED status as mentioned.

What is probably the cause of this?

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M. Wisely

Someone has turned this feature on.

See this previous post

Hi Martin, 

I've seen no debug enabled and these APs are newly deployed just a few hours ago. "LED status" is by default enabled and tried to disable "LED status" but the LED light went off completely. 

The getting started guide for the 2802 specifically says "Access point location command invoked from controller web interface"

When you look at one of these APs on the controller, go to the advanced tab there is a setting for LED flash state. Is this disabled or is it on one of the other options?

It is enabled on the AP. I connected a fourth one here in the Data Center and its LED is stable. It's not even added on any AP group. What does "Access point location command invoked from controller web interface" mean or how would I check it on the controller?

I don't know why Cisco don't clarify in their getting started guide that "Access point location command invoked from controller web interface" means that AP LED flash state is enabled.

That's why I asked you to check it, because that's the setting that enables "Access point location".

By default it is enabled. But guess what, that's not the issue. I was able to solve that LED cycling through Red-Off-Green-Off-Blue-Off by connecting the AP from PoE to PoE+ switch! 

Insufficient power inline on Getting Started Guide gives different LED state but on my case Red-Off-Green-Off-Blue-Off does not mean "Access point location command invoked" but it means there is not enough power for the AP! 

Anyway thank you for your time Martin! I appreciate your help.


Good to know, we don't have any 2802 APs yet.


We have similar behaviour on newly installed Cisco 3802i.

Found out that these new APs are not able to download correct image from WLC.


KMS-AP20 None None NA NA
AP78BC.1ADB.D654 None None NA NA


They appear at the end of the "show ap image all" output as "AP+MAC" and show a wrong primary image.

The Download fails constantly and the devices blink "Red-Off-Green-Off-Blue-Off".

This has nothing to do with the LED flashing.


Kind regards



There are many different patterns for the LED to show its current status.  The key thing is if the ap is joined or not.  I don't really look at what pattern the LED is blinking, maybe only 5% of the time I would look it up, the other 95% can be found on the controller logs, ap logs or debugs.

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