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7921, 7925 multiple active network profiles


We have 7921 and 7925 Wi-Fi phones. We have considered to configure multiple active network profiles with different SSIDs in these phones. However, we are not sure which SSID will be selected if APs advertise all of these SSIDs. Are the network profiles selected by the number associated to them (1 to 4)?

Thanks in advance

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Rob Huffman
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Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame

Hi Ekaitz,

The Network Profile is selected by the Profile Name



Hi Rob,

Thank you very much for the information.


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Yes will give precedence to the higher profile (e.g. priority is 1, then going down from there).

If using a lower priority profile it could remain there assuming there is still coverage for that lower priority profile.

For example, SSID voice1 is profile 1 and SSID voice2 is profile 2. If you travel out of range of profile 1, where profile 2 is available, then it will connect via profile 2.

If the phone returns to profile 1 coverage but there is also signal matching profile 2's network, then the phone could remain connected to profile 2.

Only scanning one SSID at a time.

So would have to exhaust the BSS before other profiles are scanned.

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