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AP Impersonation of MAC



This message appears in the log controllers and clients for a certain time are unrelated


AP Impersonation of MAC '08:d0:9f:ec:dc:a3' using source MAC '08:d0:9f:ec:dc:a3' is detected by authenticated AP 'ADM_FINANCEIRO' on '802.11b/g' radio and Slot ID '0'.



Could anyone help me?

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Could be a bug.


What version you running on WLC ?




Hello, thanks for answering


Version controllers

Model 2504


AP Model AIR-LAP1142N-T-K9

Its look like a cosmetic bug.

Can you connect client to this AP / does it effect the network connectivity ?


There was a bug in earlier version:

If its affecting the network connectivity then you must conatct with TAC.



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Have you guys come up with any resolution on this issue?



Chris, please check if your current deployment is being effected with bug CSCup88910.


Did you contacted TAC about this issue? I'm running into the same issue with 7.6.130 code with 2600 AP's.

AP Impersonation of MAC '0c:27:24:12:34:56' using source MAC
'0c:27:24:12:34:56' is detected by authenticated AP 'XYX (same as the MAC address)' on
'802.11b/g' radio and Slot ID '0'.


Abhishek Abhishek
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

It may be a bug -

630937505 - AP impersonation flood of events on WLC 8510-SR14-00512

AP impersonation alarm are seen in PI, which are found to be false positive

Infrastructure MFP enabled
MFP based AP impersonation detection enabled
Rogue detection enabled.

Disable any of the configurations mentioned in the conditions above.

If it is due to configuration mismatch in AP, try to disable and enable Infra MFP configuration in all the controllers.

Further Problem Description:
Problem is likely to be due to
- malformed beacons coming out occasionally from the AP radio or
- incorrect MFP configuration in one or more AP
The output of show wps mfp statistics might show ' Infra Missing MFP IE 47 Beacon'

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