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If I apply the Demo license to a licensed Prime Infrastructure server will it enable all the features so I can test the Netflow features for the demo period?  I have never used the Netflow features and would like to test drive for a little and decide...

jcosgrove by Level 1
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I have two 5508 wireless controller with license of 50 APs. But we have 70 Aps and we want to use those controllers in redundnat mode. but the problem is after redundancy configuration it becomes 1 unit and support only 50 APs. How can i use two 50 A...

Resolved! MTU C819HG-4G-G-K9

Hello, Do you have any idea about the (max) length of the MTU supported by the C819HG-4G-G-K9 on the air intterface? the antenna 3G-ANTM-OUT-OM can operate on the frequency range 2100-2200 MHz? thank you for your help 

I have this problem with Aironet 1130ag accesspoint.  After power-on  the accesspoint gets stuck at the ROMMON prompt "ap:". I cannot set the IP_ADDR to do the tftp from the ROMMON as the flash system has gone out of memory.  Flash_init also did not ...

jaypanda by Level 1
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We succesfully installed Virtual Wireless Controller - on ESXi.An open question is, whether it is possible to utilize an existing10 GE ESXi trunk port without compromising security: this existing trunkis carrying more VLANs that the should ...

Dear Support I will deploy new WLC to Infrastructure and my network as follwoingISP Router-->Firewall-->Multi-layerSwitch-->Access Switch My Question is:-1-where is best place to Plug WLC to MLS or Access Switch or where?2-What's recommended to assig...

Toss Leey by Level 1
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