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ap1200 default username and password

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Level 1

would like to know the following.

1) what is the default username and password for the ap1200

i need the above information when i click on the

setup->ethernet (identification).

If there is no default. how do i do a password recovery.


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Level 4

There is not a default username or password on any of the Aironet products. The following URL will show how to do a password recovery.

Level 1
Level 1

I've just had to find this info as well. You'll find it at this link

Hope this helps.

I' ve the same problem, but the input " :resetall " don't work !

My access point is a Cisco Aironet 1230B.

Can You Help Me ?


Alessio Mastrangeli - Rome ( Italy )

Hi ,

:resetall command is valid only for 2 minutes .

try couple of times

Also there is a ddts on some version of fimrware .



I know, I digitated the command as soon as I switch on the Access point, and I tried a few times but it happened with 2 acces point of the same type.

The firmware version is 12.2(8)JA.

What can I do now?

Alessio Mastrangeli Rome ( Italy )

This IOS version have a different procedure

Resetting the Access Point to Default Settings

If you need to start over during the initial setup process, follow these steps to reset the access point to factory default settings using the access point MODE button:


Step 1 Disconnect power (the power jack for external power or the Ethernet cable for in-line power) from the access point.

Step 2 Press and hold the MODE button while you reconnect power to the access point.

Step 3 Hold the MODE button until the Status LED turns amber (approximately 1 to 2 seconds), and release the button. All access point settings return to factory defaults.


Follow these steps to return to default settings using the web-browser interface:


Step 1 Open your Internet browser. You must use Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5.x or later) or Netscape Navigator (version 4.x).

Step 2 Enter the access point's IP address in the browser address line and press Enter. An Enter Network Password window appears.

Step 3 Enter your username in the User Name field. The default username is Cisco.

Step 4 Enter the access point password in the Password field and press Enter. The default password is Cisco. The Summary Status page appears.

Step 5 Click System Software and the System Software screen appears.

Step 6 Click System Configuration and the System Configuration screen appears.

Step 7 Click the Reset to Defaults button.


Note If the access point is configured with a static IP address, the IP address does not change.


The IOS versions do have a default password Cisco

The VXworks version do NOT have a default password and you need to use the :resetall command in the first 2 mins Early versions of VX works may not work for the :resetall and you should contact the TAC for further assistance in that case.


I tried some time to reset with MODE button, without success.

At this moment I found out the password, very , very , very tricky : Cisco,

NOT cisco (with small letters......)

I spent about 2 hours to find out , to set AP1200 to defaults..

and I saw, I'm not alone with this problem.

Regards Ruedi

If you are using IOS-

Press and hold the MODE button while you reconnect power to the AP. And Hold it until the Status LED turns amber, then release the button.

=> then reboot it and your config will be set to factory defaults. (username an password Cisco)

if VxWorks 11.07 and later

connect to console and after reboot in status screen type :resetall => factory defaults again.

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