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Automated speed testing.

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I'd like to set up some simple devices to perform automated speed testing. By setting up a handful of devices inside a large site where we have WiFi deployed, we could schedule the devices to automatically perform speed tests every 15 minutes or so. Then when we make advanced optimization changes we could reliably trend and see the effects of the changes. It would also let us truly monitor the user experience over time for our clients, which IMO is not possible with the reporting available from the Cisco WLCs. We would likely use/resue these devices over dozens of sites.

I expected this to be an easy thing but looking into it, there does not really seem to be much out there. I don't mind paying for a device that's set up to do this, but there isn't much our there that I can find which is purpose built for this. Remote access to the results is needed, automatic dumping of the data to a sever would be nice (perhpas needed eventually), 'small' size is necessary.

P.S. Other suggestions to qualitfy and trend WiFi users experience (consider a network with 1000's of APs over half of Canada)?

Best I can come up with so far is:


Pros: is simple, configurable, has remote access, multi threaded DLs, can export results to excel.

Cons: Cannot run on moblie devices(was thinking of just running it on smart phones), limited application for mass deployment, no automatic collection of results.

2) WiFi Pineapple (Mark V)

Pros: nice size, programmable software, lots of power options

Cons: would need programming, DL speeds questionable, doesn't exactly mimic user device.

3) 7Signal

Pros: Probably has everything you'd ever want, does have a micro Eye (Raspberry Pi based) unit which is along the lines of what I was thinking, professional support

Cons: Probably expensive, needs back end server set up, ongong maintaince/licencing costs?

4) Build our own Raspberry Pi device.

Pros: Cost effective, small

Cons: Labor intensive to get things working and programmed, no guarantee it will work in the end.


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Level 1

A good tool (plus its free) that I would suggest is Iperf (Jperf is GUI based and does the same thing)… It allows you to set up a remote server and test UDP and TCP throughput on internals. It also allows you to adjust packet size and does a good job of graphing throughput.


We do use iperf for some things but:

1) It cannot schedule tasks as required.

2) cannot remotely access results.

3) requires a PC to run.

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