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Cisco AP 3502 POE with 2960S

Hi, I recently bought 15 new AP Aironet 3500 (AIR-CAP3502I-A-K9) and connect to 3 different Cisco Catalyst 2960S. All of these get powered at boot with 15.4 Watt but after the boot process, they all drop to 14.5W and the LED blinking all color to say AIR-CAP3502I-A-K9.

I already have other same AP connected to a 2960S switch with no problem. Different length, longest run maybe 200 feet, so not a length problem.

What can be the problem?

All the AP is LWAPP connected to a Wism controller on a 6509 chassis.


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Scott Fella
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Do you have enough power in the switch itself? Do you have other PoE devices also on the switch, you can try to set the power or maybe even disable cdp on the switchport to see if that works.

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Yes we have enough power, some switch has ip phone, but on a new switch, 2960-48ports, we have 4 new AP, who doesn't work and 1 ip phone 7911. 2 or 3 server who doesn't need power. If I look all my switch with show power inline, all give me more than 150 Watt remaining. I try to set power inline consumption 15400 to 15.4W but nothing change, I shutdown the port, reenable it and the AP still blinking to say enough inline power but with that the show power inline stay at 15.4

If I disable cdp, in show power inline I see 15.4 Watt with Ieee PD device but the AP didn't join the controller and blink red blue green.

try to connect a console cable and look at the logs from the AP...

and you could try to test the cables with TDR... if you want...

br Konrad

If you move this problematic AP to the switch you said all working, does AP get registerd to your WLC ?

Post the AP console output when it is booting when it is connected to the problamatic switch



I try to connect failed AP to a working port on another switch with already AP on it and I got the same error. The power boot at 15.4 and after drop to 14.5 W

I will try to get a console port and a pc with serial port to take log of the AP.

Thanks for your suggestions.

I also try some cable with fluke cable tester and all test is good, POE test is passed and pair test is passed. It would be strange if all 15 new cable was defect.

The only change we made between good AP and bad AP is to upgrade WISM and WCS software.

Post the entire and unadulterated output to the 2960S command "sh power inline".

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I found the problem with the console log. It was a DNS problem, we change our AD domain and DNS and I didn't add CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER is the new DNS, so the AP didn't find his controller. I update the DNS and all the AP goes online and added to WCS.

Thanks for all your suggestion

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