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Cisco Catalyst 9130 - Mesh Network? Or something else?

Some colleagues of mine have recently moved into a 7500sqr ft building and are looking to WiFi the whole place. I'm quite keen on the idea of using ceiling mounted WiFi units to do this (mostly so they're 'out of the way').


I was looking at the Cisco Catalyst 9130 access points. I'm thinking I'd probably need 3 to suitably cover the whole building (although, range isn't something that's talked about much with the Cisco Catalyst 9130 units).


Does anyone know if these create essentially a "mesh" network, or are do they create individual WiFi SSID's for each unit?


I was hoping to achieve a relatively simply topology. A modem and router connected via ethernet to one of the WiFi nodes on the ceiling, with the other two communicating wirelessly (I think the Linksys Velop units behave in this way). Is this even possible with the Cisco Catalyst 9130, or do I need to be looking at something else?

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Yes, that feature is called EWC. Make sure to order it with at least one of the APs, so that they come with the right software image.

More information:


One BIG downside, the uplinks must be via LAN (where you can also send PoE+ over). Classic wireless mesh is something that Cisco rarely offers, but there are some supported models (in conjunction of a WLC: If you want wireless mesh, meaning AP1, AP2 and AP3 have no LAN access (or rather only one has), then I can't recommend a Cisco solution and would rather look for some home/smb product. If you have LAN, then the 9115 will do what you need with good performance. Of course the 9120, 9130 and I think the 9105 too, but keep away from the 9117 (no Wi-Fi 6 certification). 

Leo Laohoo
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@Schodemeiss wrote:

I'm quite keen on the idea of using ceiling mounted WiFi units to do this (mostly so they're 'out of the way').

I hope this does not mean "hiding the AP inside the ceiling cavities".


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