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Cisco wireless AP Series which work without controller

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Hi Team,

How to find out Cisco Wireless Access Points series which work without controller means is in standalone mode.

If any link or suggestion please guide to me.

Thanks & Regards,

Sachin Chopade


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All of the actual APs need a controller to operate. But this controller can be running on one of the APs itself (at least for most models). This function is named Mobility Express (MC) for the x800 series and Embedded Wireless Controller (EWC) for the Catalyst 9100 series. Sadly for EWC, the Catalyst 916x does not support to run as a controller.

Gaurav  Kansal
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Level 1

Hello Sachin

You can use access points in autonomous mode in which access point will manage itself and no controller needed in it. If you want to know models compatible with both lightweight mode and autonomous mode you can check it on Cisco's website.

Please refer below links for embedded wireless controller :

Please refer below link to convert mode of access points.

Good Luck


Leo Laohoo
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Hall of Fame

Old Cisco APs (from 2700/3700 and older) can operate in autonomous mode. 

Newer APs (from 2800/3800/4800/1560 and newer) can operate in Mobility Express.  

Either models can operate without any controller, however, the function of the APs are vastly different to APs operate under a controller.  

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