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Converting WCS' to NCS

Level 1
Level 1

We have multiple WCS' that we would like to convert to NCS.  I have the NCS appliance on-line, and have succesfully migrated one of the DB's as a test.

I'm having some difficulty finding info on migrating multiple WCS'   Do you just follow the same procedure for all WCS'?               

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Level 4
Level 4

Are you trying to migrate multiple WCS' to a single NCS? If so you won't be able to do the standard backup / restore method. You might be able to export the campus designs at least and import those but I don't think that will work.

Correct, I would like to combine all three of our WCS' to one NCS, which our Cisco rep said was possible, but I can't seem to find any literature explaining the process

The only thing I can think of is like I mentioned just exporting the campus layout and importing into NCS. You can't do a backup / restore from multiple WCS to a single NCS.

Naveen Kumar
Level 4
Level 4


Please check this link for Migrating WCS to NCS, it may help you in this.

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