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Does anyone know the best way to create an SSID beacon?All I want to create is a device which only transmits an SSID beacon which can be configured. Some of the criteria are;Range - ~10mNo wireless receive2.4GHz rangeConfigurable itemsSSIDTransmit pe...

We are starting to implement BYOD, and I am in the process to get web authentication working. Some how I am having trouble to move to next page after I put in my login from my phone. On WCL, there is a redirect URL filed, and when I try to customize ...

Hi,I have to install a new Virtual WLC running 7.4 with 15 2600 APs. I don't understand if I have to manually download a recovery image on the APs in order to register them on the vWLC.I've read something about that the vWLC is not able to push the s...

                   Hey folks!Need some help, have some issues when configuring External (redirect to external Server)When i connect to the WLAN SSID GUEST the web authentication login page from the external webserver pops up fine.Then when i enter th...

Hi Community,In order to enbale HA SSO on our two 5008 WLC's, I plan to upgrade them to 7.3 / 7.4 (currently 7.2)Right now is the latest release. We do not have any 1600 series AP's, which requires 7.4.So here's my question..any reason goin...

Should I upgrade field recovery image version on WLC 5508?  One of WLC 5508 has software and field recovery image version is,

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Hello Friends,I understand that Cisco *wants* the APs to be directly connected to the new 3850.I have a few questions.  Unfortunately, I think I know the answers.  I just want to confirm. a.  When MA/MC is enabled on the 3850, does the 3850 start int...

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  Hi,Im intrested in the cisco 819...how can i know if my internet provider (telekom\vodafone---GERMANY) support the the SIM card demands in the 3g 819 router?I mean if il insert my TELEKOM sim card for example it will work with the 3g 819 router?thi...

1410 x 4sector antenna x 4three sites.... two root bridges on tope of hq, and two non-root bridges one for each remote sitesroot1 -> remote site 1 (3km)root2 -> remote site 2 (1.5km)the above mentioned setup is working fine.to save one ap+antennax2, ...

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