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Deploying 9124s vertically on pole - Solar Shield Required?

We are deploying Cisco 9124s vertically on poles. I read that Cisco recommends using solar shield in outdoor deployments in direct sunlight, but in the installation documentation, the deployments it shows using the solar shield horizontally to shade the fins of the heat sink. It does not show any solar shield on the vertical deployments (i.e. with the paintable cover). So my question is, do any of you have experience deploying 9124s vertically on poles? If so, did you use a solar shield, or is it in fact designed to shade the heat sink fins on horizontal deployments with the L bracket as we suspect?

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Oh wait ... I totally got confused.  

For vertical installation, there is no room to install a solar cover, however, we will install a Cover Kit.  

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Leo Laohoo
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I am in Australia and solar-shield is mandatory for the following reasons: 

  1. Daytime temperature can go from mid-30 (Celsius) to 50 (Celsius)
  2. Very dry and arid condition
  3. Bird dropping

So how do you install a solar shield on a vertical deployment? Or are all of yours horizontal using the L bracket?

Thanks M8!