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DHCP Vmware fusion issue

I have some clients connected to our cisco Wireless LAN controller (4402) and they are running vmware fusion 2. When connected to the wireless network their host machines do not aquire a IP when using DHCP. If you type in the IP manually it all works. If they connect by wire it works fine. If i put the host in NAT mode it works but i want it to work in bridge mode.

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Configure a WLAN as HREAP and assign an AP as HREAP. This will pull the authentication and association to an AP locally. I have included a link for you to review Configuring Hybrid REAP in the WLC 4.2 Code.

For further information click this link.

The WLC does dhcp as a relay agent. Some hardware devices don't like this. Try cli command: config dhcp proxy disable

We did that as well. Here is what I found out from an internal Cisco resource.

The WLC software does not support multiple DHCP client instances running on a wireless client. There is no workaround for this, as only wireless clients registered with WLC (not bringing WGB into the picture) will have a MSCB entry and be able to get an IP address.

When a wireless client has a virtual machine running on it (e.g. in VMware, VirtualPC or Parallels), and when that virtual machine is running in bridged mode rather than in NAT ("shared networking") mode, then the WLC DHCP relay will drop the DHCP packets from the VM client, with a "dhcpProxy: Dropping packet (no mscb)" message.

It does not appear that the WLC's DHCP proxy functionality supports multiple DHCP clients behind the wireless client.


1. Configure the virtual machine software for NAT ("shared networking") mode, not bridged mode.

2. If using 4.1 WLC software, configure the virtual machine to use static IP addressing, not DHCP.

Very useful information for future reference.

Yes I second that. jb6846 is correct. WLC will not support more than one DHCP instance per client. However bridge mode can be use with the autonomous ap.

For those that are interested - this is a "bug" that is low severity: CSCsi90344

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