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How to ignore DHCP server in Mobility Express



I want to set up Cisco Mobility Express 1815i using only static IP.

I configured suceessfully using static IP.

But when I attached APs to network, somewhere there is dhcp server in network, 

My AP IP is changed to DHCP pool address. Controller IP is not changed.


Could you give me instruction how AP ignore DHCP server and use static IP?

I can't remove DHCP Server and I have to set up AP/Controller IP that isn't DHCP pool.




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try changing the AP IP to static from controller GUI.



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Good luck

I already tried in GUI, but finally AP IP is changed to DHCP IP.

Follow the below

1. Use command "apciscoshell" to login to AP.

2. capwap ap ip static-ip-addr static-netmask ip-addr-default-gateway [ip-addr-dns1 | ip-addr-dns2] [domain-name]

I already tried these commands, but AP IP is changed to DHCP IP.



Make sure that the static IP which you have configured has reachability to it's gateway. 

You can alternatively try applying an ACL at the connecting port to deny DHCP traffic.

access-list 110 deny udp any any eq 67

access-list 110 deny udp any any eq 68

access-list 110 permit ip any any

Then apply this ACL in to the interface. 


Static ip can connect gateway, but AP don't retain static IP and get DHCP IP.

I can control only AP. Can I config that ACL to the AP interface?


My conclusion is :

If there is DHCP Server in the same vlan, ME AP can't ignore that DHCP Server.

When I try the change IP to static IP, It seems well, but this setting is not persisted.

When AP is rebooted what is set the static IP, it would get a IP DHCP Server and ignore static IP.

There is no other way than blocking DHCP traffic using a ACL or removing the DHCP server.

I was only AP enginner in that business, so I wasn't able to resolve this problem.

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