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How to implement more than one AP in a LAN



If I take two basic LinkSys access points, and want to set it up in my LAN, what extra configuration do I have to do than configuring only one AP in my LAN?

I'm talking about minimum configuration. So, if I take only one LinkSys AP, I would configure:

1) IP address to the device

2) Enable DHCP (we'll assume that I need DHCP to assign IPs to hosts)

3) I will configure SSID

I will not enable any security even data encryption.

So if I'm to add another AP, because for certain areas in my office I don't get a good signale from AP1, what should I do?

Anyway help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Scott Fella
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I guess you can go add another linksys AP. You just won't get the roaming as you would in an enterprise AP solution.

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Ok, then if I need to have two APs, because there is not enough signals to a particular area of the office from AP1, how can I set up SP2 so that even when I go to that area where I have AP2, I am still in the same network?

Thanks in advance!

You make sure that the AP is plugged into the same VLAN that you want the clients to be on.

Change the channel on your addtional access point(s) to a non-overlapping channel (1, 6 or 11).


You should set the AP's for roamingso you will be in the same network when moving from 1 AP to another. Here is good reading about it


I think the question was about open WiFi, no fast secure roaming necessary. Plus it was about Linksys access points, no fast roam support on those.

Actually you need to consider a couple of things:

Are both these AP's going to overlap in wireless signal? If the answer is yes then you need to make sure they are both on seperate channels, for instance put AP1 on channel 1 AP2 on channel 6. Next make sure you set up DHCP so it wont dish out the same range on both AP's. On AP1 setup DHCP for through on AP2 setup DHCP for through, this way you wont get any ip conflicts.

I am assuming the switchport they are plugged in to will both be on the same VLAN, this is a must.

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