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We have cisco aironet 1100 and 1200 and when some peoples try to connect with Itel Chip wireless cards they can not connect and come to us and we can not solve this problem yet. so if you know some information for this subject please sen to me.

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Problem with Aironets & INTEL Cards

We are using Cisco 1210/1230 Access points and have IBM laptops with Intel cards. We are having exactly the same problem. Users sometimes cannot connect at all, while other times they work fine. My understanding is that the problem is down to a DLL file used by windows but we haven't found a solution yet. We are running IBM X40 laptops on W2000. Any help would be greatly appreciated

We are using the Intel 2200B/G's in Dell notebooks and we've had nothing but problems. Performance is bad and the signal is always bouncing.

You can have a Cisco PCMCIA in the system and it works just fine w/out any problems. It would be nice if Cicso came out w/ a mini-PCI version of the a/b/g card.

Beware of Intel cards...


We have found that the Dell TrueMobile 1350's work great if you use the TrueMobile client to manage the card. It roams like it should and connects quickly.

We have the IBM R50 & R51 models with built in Intel 2200BG wireless cards. They were giving us fits and we were told by "experts" to replace them with Cisco cards. We have always had laptops with cisco cards and have had connection issues all along so I was skeptical of the advice.

Solution: Remove/Disable wireless cards...hard wire computers...problem solved!

Well it depends on the IOS software release that you have on your Access Points. We have had the same problem when we used anything but 12.3.4. The newer releases work fine with Cisco cards, and in some cases even with Intel cards if you`re running LEAP. If you are running anything else (EAP-FAST/PEAP) it won`t work unless you downgrade to 12.3.4


Here at my company we use 1230 AP´s with a rare amount of different vendor client cards we solved the problem disabling the option "Aironet Extensions" in the configuration of the AP´s, the problem that we used to have was that when a client computer with intel chip(the one used by intel centrino based laptops) connects to our wi-fi network, the AP accepts the connection but doesn´t assign a IP address using DHCP.

Try disabling that option and possibly it may work fine.

My Intel's seem to work just fine for the most part. I did not have to disable aironet either. I am using 12.3.7(JA)2 . On the other hand, every time I make a change it seems very difficult to figure out the correct laptop settings so support can be a big problem. Intel does not directly support their drivers; they say to contact the laptop manufacturer. What do you think Dell would say if you called with a problem getting CCKM to work correctly on your laptop using Cisco's WDS or you were having EAP issues of any kind. Now to be fair, I have not called them but I saw a post on Dell's forums saying that technically they only support WEP- it figures.

One thing I might caution folks about is a document on Intel's web site stating that the antennas on some older laptops may not support 5 GHZ, and that they could have serious problems when using the wrong internal antenna and an ABG mini-pci card. The only problem is that the internal antenna information may not be easy to get from the manufacturer as Intel recommends.

R Duke

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