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Interface Threshold Violation

Hi Guys,

I have 8 access points and a 5508 series WLC. I am getting the below alerts

Message: Interference threshold violation reported by '802.11b/g/n' interface of AP 'KPAP0000.f4a6', connected to Controller ''.

Message: Interference changed to acceptable level on '802.11b/g/n' interface of AP 'KPAP0000.1b40', connected to Controller ''.

On seraching the forum, i found the below details:

Recommended Actions If the interference threshold is configured to be  too low, you may need to readjust it to a more optimum value.

Investigate interference sources such as other 802.11 devices in the vicinity of this radio interface

Im my current configuration i have threshold under 802.11a>RRM>general

Profile threshold for traps - 10% [which is the default]

Just wondering is that the value i need to change. Is there any standard optimal value. Or do i need to find out using trail and error.


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Scott Fella
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

It really depends. You can adjust them until they go away or your fine with the amount of alerts you receive. So the one thing that is mentioned is interference. Have you checked for interferes? Do you have neighboring access points on the 2.4ghz? All these things have an affect in your RF and how these alerts are being generated. So I would try to identify any 2.4 ghz interferes and then play with the threshold value.

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