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Is it possible to set priority for redundancy in CISCO EWC APs?

In my solution, there are 32 APs. In this AP, 27 APs have Capwap software for Catalyst 9115AX, and 5 APs have Embedded Wireless Controller software for Catalyst 9115AX. In this solution, I want to create a redundancy between the five APs that support EWC. I want to set this as a priority. If one EWC is done, then the second EWC will control all other APs. Similar to the next EWC APs. 
Now my question is, "Is it possible to do it?"

Also I have another question. CISCO EWC will EOS in 24-Nov-2024. Then what will be the replace solution for this?

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Rich R

Then what will be the replace solution for this?
As per the EOL notice which BB shared above: "There is no replacement available for the Cisco Wireless Embedded Wireless Controller (EWC) on Access Point at this time. Customers who have deployed EWC-based access points are encouraged to convert them to lightweight (CAPWAP) mode and use a physical C9800-L wireless LAN controller (WLC) or virtual C9800-CL controller (“Ultralow” profile) beyond the support dates mentioned in product bulletin. For future deployment customers are encouraged to deploy the Cisco Meraki native cloud offerings."

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