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ISE - Cannot cancel backup process



The backup process has stalled; Moving Backup file to the repository

There was a problem with the backup server during this process. 

Now it doesn't proceed with the move.

Is there a way to cancel this operation?

Using the Cancel link is not allowed: Backup file is currently being transferred to the repository. Cancel is not permitted

Anyone who knows what to do?

Thanks in advance.



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how do you solve it ? 

i have same problem.


For anyone else that may have this issue, the only way I know how to resolve it is to reload ISE.  

whats your version and patch ? what protocol did you use for backup ?

I have seen something similar with scp with one of my customer.

-hope this helps-

Currently, 1.4 Patch 10.  We use FTP.  I also had it happen with 2.1, which was a miserable experience.  So bad, we rolled back. 

I have found elsewhere in supportforums that performing a manual CLI backup will unhang a backup. I have not tried it though ... yet


I have had problems with the op backup hanging.  Also we have frequent failures of the config backup so we are hesitant to confound problems further by scheduling a ops backup.


Ver 2.1 patch 3



I had the same problem with my deployment just now (ISE 2.1, patch 3). Can confirm that starting a backup from CLI (backup name repository respositoryname ise-config encryption-key encryptionkey) has put it back to normal.

The CLI backup trick did not cancel the GUI backup. We are 2.1 Patch 3

We had to reload.

The message below is my CLI backup being cancelled because the GUI one was in progress.

ise/admin# backup GSS_ISE_CLI repo ********* ise-config encry plain *************

% Warning: Waiting up to 1200 seconds for APP_BACKUP to finish...

% Warning: Cannot continue backup as APP_BACKUP is running

% The backup is cancelled




ISE back-up fails intermittently from CLI and GUI.

Had the same issue on ISE 2.3 patch 1. Resolved starting backup for cfg and oper data from the CLI.




2.3 patch 1 for us startign from the CLI did the trick as well


I had this problem too. Can anyone confirm if Reload ISE is the only way to resolve this?




Yes this is a bug in version 2.3 Patch 1. You can either reload or issue "Application stop ise"


This has been confirmed as fixed in Patch 2, which is the reason i had ours upgraded

we are on v2.3 patch 3

issuing "application stop ise" results in the following: 


Waiting up to 20 seconds for lock: APP_BACKUP APP_BACKUP to complete
Database is still locked by lock: APP_BACKUP APP_BACKUP. Aborting. Please try it later
% Error: Another ISE DB process (APP_BACKUP APP_BACKUP) is in progress, cannot perform Application Stop at this time


issuing "backup name repository respositoryname ise-config encryption-key encryptionkey" results in the following:


% Warning: Waiting up to 1200 seconds for APP_BACKUP to finish...

% Warning: Cannot continue backup as APP_BACKUP is running
% The backup is cancelled


at this point, planning to reload. for future reference though, any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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