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mDNS bridging vs gateway

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what would be the difference between bridging and gateway mDNS mode in FlecConnect and Central switching?

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Hello @iores 

In FlexConnect mode, the access points have more autonomy and make forwarding decisions locally. This mode allows for local switching, so traffic, including mDNS traffic, can be bridged locally at the access point without needing to traverse the central controller.
In bridging mDNS mode within FlexConnect, mDNS traffic is locally bridged at the access point. This means that mDNS traffic does not need to go back to the central controller but can be handled within the local network segment where the access point is located.

In Central Switching mode, the wireless LAN controller takes a more active role in forwarding traffic. Central Switching involves sending traffic, including mDNS traffic, back to the central controller for processing.
In gateway mDNS mode within Central Switching, the central controller acts as the gateway for mDNS traffic. This allows the controller to manage and control mDNS services across different VLANs.


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Rahul Kachalia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


mDNS Bridging = Enable transparently mDNS traffic pass-thru between Wireless and upstream Ethernet network.

mDNS Gateway = Terminate and enable mDNS processing from Wireless network, but still bridge (flood-n-learn) to discover services across Wired network. 

In distributed FlexConnect Wireless network deployment the AP remains in mDNS bridging mode to transparently forward mDNS frames between Wireless users and upstream Layer 2 Ethernet switch.

The Layer 2 Ethernet switch enabled in mDNS gateway mode terminates and process service-proxy between Wired-Wired, Wired-Wireless within same/intra Switch. The inter-switch mDNS service-routing between Layer 2 Ethernet switches is performed at Distribution Layer IP gateway based on policy.

Please find following deployment guides :

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